ABOUT US - Who we are

PRess İletişim, within the events through the eyes of a journalist news, innovations and developments for target and produces right solutions.

20 years of experience in public relations..

  • Media Advisory
  • Crisis Management
  • Corporate Communications Consultancy
  • Event Management
  • Brand Communication
  • and at Social Media Management

Result-oriented, develops and implements a fast and effective communication strategies

“Press İletişim” within the events through the eyes of a journalist news,innovations and developments with follow redirects

  • Target and produces solutions according to your needs,set strategy efficiency improves
  • The power of the media; rapid flow of news, press releases news and interviews with customers in different sectors specially “Press İletişim” transfers as well as the local press, national press internet media and social media provide services is also very ambitious.
  • Establishing strong ties with all media groups develops and implements communication strategies based on creativity
  • “Press İletişim” customers who needed madia trainind and creative work of newsi press conferences, press launches, media tours and private as weel as professşonal photography and filming interwievs as well as offres production services.
  • “Press İletişim” collaborate while serving his customers be results-oriented,understand and solve problems to act in accordance with the needs, is committed to careing for a long term customer relationships.


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